Fernando Bravo

Birth year: 1991Gender: Trans man

We transgender people are supposed “against what the word of God says.” But what about the Catholic who goes to church every Sunday, who preaches the word of God, that everything he says is the word of God, but he hits his wife, but he is a liar, but he treats everyone badly, but he’s disrespectful? What is he doing?...then why can't I go to heaven if even though according to the Bible I’m wrong, I have a good heart and I try to help people?

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I didn't feel comfortable with my body, so when I had sex with my partners I just gave and gave and gave, and afterwards, my satisfaction was to see them like that.

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I got taken off buses and beaten up, all that shit. And what hurt me the most – now thinking about it – was not the fact, because I understand that this can happen to any human being, not only to trans people, but what hurt me the most was realizing that I was surrounded by people and nobody did anything. You really feel like nothing.

That's why it's crazy how much your environment really changes you, and consumes you, because I realized that being trans I had a heavy life story, and my female friends too.

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Once I had an issue in a disco in Bariloche. All my classmates were going in (free) and they wouldn't let me in, and my teacher even had to come get me for them to let me in, because the people didn't believe that I was also a woman.

If you don't have the courage, and the empowerment, and the self-love, your life is going to go to shit. Because you’re going to throw away all your dreams, all your goals, everything you wanted to be, because you just can’t deal with people's hate.

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